How To Grow Microgreen

Seed Tips

How To Grow Microgreen

Go for the best quality seeds

Avoid direct sun, it reduces the seed quality

Go through the seed packets offers valuable information including germination rate, age, and seed variety

Keep them in cool and dry places with low temperature and humidity fluctuations

Soilless (Hydroponic) Method

How To Grow Microgreen

You need to provide a nutrient-rich solution for your microgreen’s roots

Common growing mediums include coco coir, clay pebbles vermiculite, and rock wool works best

Prepare your Nutrient Water with appropriate pH i.e. (5.5-6.5)

Soak your grow mat into the nutrient water, then allow most excess water to drain off before transferring into your grow tray

How To Grow Microgreen

Sprinkle your seeds evenly across your entire grow mat

After sprinkle mists them with your spray bottle using clean and pure water or a nutrient solution

Cover your seeds with a lightproof cover to act as a humidity dome and black-out top

Store seeds in an area that stays between 18- and 23°

Mist every 12hrs

How To Grow Microgreen

Uncover your growing tray after 4 to 5 days

Place the microgreens into a light source

Nutrients to grow

How To Grow Microgreen

Microgreens can germinate without any additional nutrient application

However, providing mineral nutrients to microgreens will increase the yields and quality of your greens

Providing 75 to 150 ppm for water-soluble fertilizer is enough for growing microgreens but it’s your choice you can add micronutrients

Using high-quality media will give strong, even growth with a higher yield

Trays to Grow

How To Grow Microgreen

Black plastic trays(20 x 10-inch) work well for microgreens

Shallow and wide trays of lightweight movable trays will work best for you rather than a large tall pot

Avoid clay pots due to its high tendency to dry out quickly and wick moisture from the soil

How To Grow Microgreen

If there is a lack of drainage, you will find poor growth lesser yields stunted growth, root rot, and mold in your microgreens

You can make your own trays with your creative ideas but make sure it has good drainage just create slits or holes to allow excess water to flow through

Germination Tips

How To Grow Microgreen

Cloth or paper towels is an easy and effective alternative to covering your seeds with soil

Generally, we cover a sown tray with a dusting of soil, enough to cover the seeds but covering with a thin, lightweight cotton cloth makes the process highly effective

Just wash them frequently, as wet towels can build up mold and bacteria

Watering Tips

How To Grow Microgreen

Sprayers with pressure adjustable are best for microgreens

A shower with Medium pressure works best

Don’t just pour it over the plant sprinkle gently

Make sure proper air circulation is there to void plants falling and root rots

If any falls during watering just fluff them with your hands

Harvesting Tips

How To Grow Microgreen

Scissors should be brought specially for microgreens so that they remain sharp and make a sharp cut

The cut you make in the stem during harvest should so be clean and sharp because it is an important component to the longevity of your greens

The sharp cut will make less damage to the cell and greens will be fresh without any sudden shock of damage to the cell

Lids Tips

How To Grow Microgreen

Creating a mini-greenhouse effect by covering the trays with any lids like green sunshade will make your greens grow faster and of good quality

Just have one covering material that creates a mini greenhouse effect

In areas having higher temperature fluctuations mini-greenhouse effects work so nice by reducing any temperature and moisture shock to the plants

How To Grow Microgreen

If you are using any plastic lids, make sure they are stored in the shade to prevent melting and disfiguration

You can use a glass pane but make sure theirs is no direct contact with the sun

These small things will make your greens grow the best with higher yield and higher quality produce that can be harnessed

Storage Tips

How To Grow Microgreen

If you are planning to sell you can use food-grade resealable bags or plastic clamshells. You can buy in bulk from suppliers near your area

For storing at your home use any normal bag or sealable container will be enough and keep microgreens in your fridge

Keeping it in a cool place will prevent the growth of mold inside them

Additional Tips

How To Grow Microgreen

Fans are needed if you want to dry out unnecessary water on your greens while storing them

Soil Press is necessary. To make flat seedbed, you can make it at your home with Wooden or cardboard piece is a good option but don’t forget to replace when they become damaged

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