How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

Transplanting the Seedling (1)

  • 22–24°C for Seedling
  • Expect 10 Days to Germinate
  • Around 100 Days To Mature
  • Preferred Medium – Rockwool & Cocopeat
How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

Preferred Medium (2)

  • Rockwool Slabs
  • Perlite and Cocopeat Slabs
  • Dutch Buckets (130 × 15 × 7.5 cm)
  • Grow Bags with Cocopeat
How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

Temperature & Humidity (3)

  • Air and root temperatures 30°C day time & 25°C for the night. Beyond 32°C poor yield
  • Relative atmospheric humidity 50%
  • Air movement through the plant canopy of 1 m/s is good as it keeps the plants actively transpiring
  • If Temperature exceeds 29°C, use shade material pulled over the greenhouse
How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

Nutrient Tank (4)

  • The size of the nutrient tank depends on the number of plants you are growing
  • Minimum 2 L of nutrient solution per plant per day should be assumed
  • Tank Volume should be that much for 5 days. For eg. for 10 plants, tanks capacity should be 10x5x2=100L
  • Submersible pump capacity about 1000L/hr. at 1ft lift and pumping height capacity at least 10 to 12 ft.
  • The pump can be connected to black drip irrigation pipes 1-2 inch diameter
How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

Irrigation Cycles (5)

  • Young plants need 3 to 5 daily irrigations
  • Fruiting plants under full summer – irrigation cycles maybe every hour during daylight and 3-4 times during the night
  • Avoid stem rot by placing the drip irrigation line slightly away from the base of the plant (below root and stem joint)
How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

Flower Pollination (6)

  • It depends on the variety you choose
  • Home growers can hand pollinate every other mid-day. However for commercial electric hand pollinators or introduction of bumblebees inside your greenhouse, should be done wisely according to the number of plants and greenhouse configuration
  • You can expect fruit to mature from 40 to 75 days after pollination
How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

Grafting (7)

  • You can also do grafting with seedlings to create (two plants on one root system) or grafting onto a rootstock that has higher plant vigour
  • Grafting is done at the seedling stage on 17- to 18-day-old plants
How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

When to Harvest (8)

  • You can harvest them once the fruit turns green or firm and pink
  • The lower leaf turns yellow followed by a line between the yellow leaf stem and the green stem that line is the natural cutting point, use sharp objects to cut
  • Yellow leaves are prone to disease so maintain proper aeration
How To Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

Pests and Diseases Management (9)

  • Sometimes hydroponic systems can also have pests or diseases. Never transplant soil-grown into your hydroponic system
  • You should keep the growing channels and tank covered to prevent algae growth
  • Keep the base of the plants dry with proper aeration. Note high humidity causes fungal infections
  • Sterilization of the beds, nutrients tank, equipment and irrigation lines with a 10% chlorine bleach solution can eliminate any major pest problems on your farm

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