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What is Hi-Tech Agro Soup ?

Hi-Tech Agro Soup visions to be world’s largest High Tech Farming network and social commerce platform on the internet.

Agro Soup Social Community (Social)

You can use Agro Soup to Grow Your Knowledge in High Tech Farming Space Connecting with Like-minded Folks, Vendors, Suppliers, and Agronomist to succeed in your High Tech Farming Business.

You can access Agro Soup from a desktop, mobile web experience, or the Agro Soup Lite Android mobile app.

Learners share their curiosity. Ask questions with the community anything about high-tech farming space, be it agronomy, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, or related technical know how.

Also you can join Agro Soup Hubs(Niche Spaces) to network and discuss in various niches(Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Terrace Farming) of your interest in High Tech Farming Space.

With our platform-wide feed timeline feature — Vendors share their work and project pics, Consultants share their expertise, and Sellers share their product or produce pics visible to everyone across the community for greater discoverability, exposure and reach.

Agro Soup Marketplace (Commerce)

With Agro Soup Marketplace Get Quotes from Vendors, Agriculture Consultants and Discover B2B deals in High Tech farming space.

Browse Local Fresh Produce Supplier (B2B) Or Sell Your Fresh Produce.

Hyperlocal Search and Delivery!

Become Verified Agro Soup Vendor Or Seller

— Get direct exposure Agro Soup community.
— Get authenticated and verified tag ☑️ 
— Get your brand, store, products, or services listed with Hi-Tech Agro       Soup Marketplace
— With our seller dashboard, your brand store page, you list, share quotes, fulfill, and/or ship
— Add your location zip code for Hyperlocal Search and Delivery
— Your online journey starts here!


Who should be joining Agro Soup?

Agro Soup is a platform for High Tech Farming enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs looking to build high return, pandemic proof, futuristic urban businesses. This also include all the tech infra vendors, companies and agronomist providing proven verified services in High Tech Farming Space.

How do I get started on Agro Soup?

Here are a few steps to get started on Agro Soup:

Create your profile:
Signing up and creating your profile is the best way to begin using Agro Soup. A complete Agro Soup profile will summarize your experience and interests to your connections and help you with better discoverability.

If joining as Vendor or Agronomist etc. a complete profile can showcase your product or services, company success, milestones, and expertise.

Build your network:
Your network plays a crucial part in unlocking the power of Agro Soup. It’ll help you understand what is happening in your industry and connections. After you login, you can directly visit Agro Soup People page from the left menu to discover people and follow discussions of your interest

You can easily feature your High Tech Farming related Events such as online workshops, seminars, training, sales and marketing and more.

If you are a great community contributor, request us your own Agro Soup Hub, where you can offer Zoom sessions, events and genuine informative content. We will be glad to provide you for no charge. 

Participate in conversations:
You can easily participate in conversations on Agro Soup. Participating in conversations can allow you to share your perspective on relevant issues and topics with others. 

You can like and comment on posts and blogs on Agro Soup. You can join Agro Soup Hubs to connect and grow with members who share your interests, experiences, or aspirations. 

Post content:
Ever growing members come to Agro Soup every day to connect, learn, and share about High Tech Farming Space. 

You can empower and educate the community with the content you post on Agro Soup. By doing so, you not only gain trust from the community but also build a high reputation in this space helping you grow in your High Tech Farming business (as a high tech farm owner, vendor or agronomist).

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