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Sparking Hi-Tech Farming Revolution through Social Commerce. Hi-Tech Agro Soup, is an AgriTech initiative of Furor Technologies Private Limited with an unstoppable mission to spread awareness about this space and help enterprises and enterprising youth build high yield futuristic urban businesses

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We are building world’s largest social commerce platform for players in the High Tech Agriculture ecosystem, Agro Soup’s platform is centered around the High Tech Farming community including potential agripreneurs, high tech farm owners, vendors, companies, suppliers and consultants providing services in this niche space.

Agro Soup Social Community (Social)

You can use Agro Soup to Grow Your Knowledge in High Tech Farming Space Connecting with Like-minded Folks, Vendors, Suppliers, and Agronomist to succeed in your High Tech Farming Business.

You can access Agro Soup from a desktop, mobile web experience, or the Agro Soup Lite Android mobile app.

Learners share their curiosity. Ask questions with the community anything about high-tech farming space, be it agronomy, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, or related technical know how.

Also you can join Agro Soup Hubs(Niche Spaces) to network and discuss in various niches(Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Terrace Farming) of your interest in High Tech Farming Space.

Ever growing members come to Agro Soup every day to connect, learn, and share about High Tech Farming Space. 

You can empower and educate the community with the content you post on Agro Soup. By doing so, you not only gain trust from the community but also build a high reputation in this space helping you grow in your High Tech Farming business (as a high tech farm owner, vendor or agronomist).

Agro Soup Marketplace (Commerce)

With Agro Soup Marketplace Get Quotes from Vendors, Agriculture Consultants and Discover B2B deals in High Tech farming space.

Browse Local Fresh Produce Supplier (B2B) Or Sell Your Fresh Produce.

Hyperlocal Search and Delivery!

Become Verified Agro Soup Vendor Or Seller

— Get direct exposure Agro Soup community.
— Get authenticated and verified tag ☑️ 
— Get your brand, store, products, or services listed with Hi-Tech Agro       Soup Marketplace
— With our seller dashboard, your brand store page, you list, share quotes, fulfill, and/or ship
— Add your location zip code for Hyperlocal Search and Delivery
— Your online journey starts here!



Impacting and developing the hi-tech farming market, and leaving the globe greener with lower carbon footprints. While doing so, enabling enterprises and  enterprising youth to build high-yield futuristic businesses




To be Earth’s No.1 Social Commerce Platform for High-Tech Farming Space. Helping customers with most compelling 360 degree  solution in this space


Meet Our Founders

Apoorv Raghuvanshi, an Entrepreneur and Technologist. Built world class products, teams, and startups. 15+ years of Global experience in the United States and India. Ex Qualcomm USA, Verizon USA, and Oracle India.

Himanshu Parmar, Cofounder. Seasoned Data Science and Machine. Learning Expert and Technologist.15+ years of global experience of designing, building, and deploying Scalable solutions for fortune 100 companies and Startups in the US.

With the global pandemic and changing ecosystem, the duo realized to work for an essential segment and found this really compelling space with lots of gap, and Hi-Tech Agro Soup was born.


We are a customer-centric company working tirelessly towards our company’s core mission. 

Our core team consists of smart and result-oriented engineers and marketers. We believe in a casual work culture where everyone has their element of fun at work.

To check career opportunities please drop us an email at work@agrosoup.com


Apoorv Raghuvanshi

Founder, Hi-Tech Agro Soup


Himanshu Parmar

Co-Founder, Hi-Tech Agro Soup


Our Offices are based in Noida and Delhi, India.

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